Easyjet: the most senior friendly airline ever!

I was booking some flights when I was faced with this drop down list for selecting the date of issue of the passport:

easy jet WTF

I wonder how a passport issued in 1850 will look like. I think it won't be possible to read it in nowadays electronic readers. It will need manual inspection (carefully, so that it doesn't break apart). But most importantly, the real question is: how old is a person whose passport was issued in 1850? Assuming he/she was 18 years then, that person would be 177 years old today!

That definitely makes easyjet a very senior friendly airline. Maybe they are catering for Benjamin Button style clientèle... in which case I also wonder if they would be allowed to pay the price of infant seats instead of full adult seats, even if the passengers are more than one hundred years old.

Ahhh web forms fun! You can't have enough of it!