Are your friends always angry and complaining about everything in their twitter feeds? And what about you? How long since you last tweeted about something nice?

Now it's the time to do something about that! Just post something positive. It doesn't have to be impressively original, it can be something as simple as I ate a nice apple and felt good about that. It could also be a tad more elaborated, like for example someone made you tea, or even more, This week is going to rock and am going to enjoy every single day of it!.

Then add the #happymonday hash tag and that's it!

Here's my humble contribution:

had a great afternoon with laeti, coffee at monmouth was superb as usual, loved the weather even when it began to rain! #happymonday

I'm afraid I came up with this idea at 22h (BST or British Summer Time, heh!) which is a little bit late into the day, but I guess it shouldn't take many minutes to come up with something nice.

PD Inspired by the #followfriday thing, although I haven't actually participated in it, but I liked the idea anyway :-P