Sky spam

I have pretty much reduced my physical communications (i.e. letters) to nothing. My bank doesn't send me extracts of the operations that I am already aware of --because I check them online. My phone company doesn't send me a physical invoice. Same for the internet provider.

Except there are still companies like Sky who keep sending me their "magazine", which is in fact an advertising leaflet trying to convince me of the amazing benefits of their services and get me to sign up. The worst is that it isn't even addressed to me; it is just sent to "the present occupier".

And I normally just pick it as it is pushed into our door by the post man, and drop it into the recycling bag without even opening it, because I don't have the slightest interest in TV in general and Sky in particular (apart from the well known fact that we don't own a TV set). But today I thought: hey maybe there is a way for me to tell them not to spam my mailbox with useless offers. So I opened it.

Oh how wrong I was. No, no and no. There is small print: on every footer on pretty much every page, but it is all dedicated to correcting what they offer with big bold capital letters on the remaining 85% of the pages. There's no word about how to stop them sending you this abominable waste of resources.

I even went to their website, just in case, but again the same style: SIGN UP SIGN UP SIGN UP, and in very small letters, a myriad of restrictions.

So, how do I get them to stop sending me this rubbish and having me have to dispose of it every single time? Should we just send them an invoice accounting for all the time it takes us to get rid of the unsolicited physical letters they send to an unnamed addressee?

Advice is welcome!

(I haven't looked into anything regarding the Data Protection Act because well... they are just sending letters to "whoever lives here". It doesn't quite fit with the idea of personal data being abused for commercial purposes.)