Breakpoint demolog, day 16: saturate & EQ


  • more filter tweaking, still not totally happy with it - but will leave it for the time being
  • implemented saturate, replacing the algorithm I was using with a better one too
  • implemented EQ too... although it's more of a lo+hi filters combined, but it's useful for building certain sounds (e.g. giving a metallic twist to a hi-hat generated entirely with rand() noise and a quickly decaying volume envelope)
  • plus fixed and polished more bugs/things!

I was going to add an audio sample but I'll wait for when I have something more musically interesting...

I have also decided to stop porting/adding more features to the synth and begin working in the mixing, export and sequencer side. I will probably add something else (I was thinking of LFO's) later, when/if I need them for the song I build.

Besides, building the interface between the VSTi and the actual synth is boring to death! I need a break from this side.

This is going to be an strange process: usually, when I start a demo I already have the song ready and finished, and now I only have a general idea of what I want, but I do not have music or graphics or anything yet. I don't even know if I'll manage to build the Windows binary on my own! haha!

But hey, we'll see! :D