Breakpoint demolog, days 32-33: moving to Windows

Since I'm going to be away from my main computer for a few days, I reformatted an older laptop so that it could run Windows. Mind you, this is a Macbook Pro computer, which means that installing Windows is a long process, specially if you make a mistake and have to reinstall Leopard from start again!

So it was a "very interesting" Saturday evening+night: the computer doing its stuff, while I cursed Bill Gates and Steve Jobs indistinctly. You can't appreciate enough how fast the Ubuntu installation is, until you have to reinstall Mac OS or Windows again. How can they be that DAMN SLOW?!

Anyway, I managed to install Visual Studio and all that. I have even installed cygwin so that I can keep using a decent command line and git. I have set up a remote repository on a server, so that I can share the changes between computers too. Not that I think I'm going to touch much code in the Linux computer, but it's good to have that. Just in case the laptop data gets corrupted or something :)

I have fixed the couple of bugs I had from Friday --nothing too serious, just some errors not being checked-- and the "demo" is working as expected: the song is loaded, a simple triangle is shown in the screen while the song is playing and when it finishes, the demo exists. However there's a bit of cracks and distortions here and there... I might probably have broken something in the SorolletVoice class while fixing something else, so what I'm going to do is to compile the VSTi for Windows, and compose the song using Renoise on Windows. After all, it's all the same format at the end... and that way I can make sure that what I heard in Renoise is more or less the same than in the demo!

And the final paragraph is dedicated to Iq: the size of the simplest program that uses my player (the one which does a WAV dump) is 86kb, Release. When kkrunchified, it goes down to approximately 31kb. But my demo is using SDL... and that simple program doesn't even open a window or output any sound anywhere, so I tried to load your 64k framework in Visual Studio 2008 --with the hope of using it as a base instead of using SDL-- but it systematically refused to compile :-( There are errors in some structs from the events file, but I can't quite get why, because they look perfectly fine to me. Maybe you're using VS2005?