Breakpoint demolog, days 56-57: wrapping up

I managed to make a bit of sense out of the little mess my song was initially. It's still rather unconventional, and it happened to me that the first time you listen to it, it sounds very weird. The second time you begin to like its oddities, the third time you love them. And so on. Maybe not the best thing for a compo --where all it's about the 'wow factor' and the 'love at first sight' effect-- but we'll see :-)

I'm going to prepare the zip with the exe, the .ogg dump, readme.txt and all that so that I won't do it in a hurry, in the partyplace.

After all I have to think about a way of having the synth ready for 32k exe music compos if need be, but specially get it working again for embedding it into a VSTi, using the same code in both places. So that means I'll examine thoroughly iq's framework and pick only the pieces I need. Sorry for ripping open your framework, iq, but it's in the interests of science! Hopefully I won't end up with Frankenstein-esque code...

The final step will be to upload the code and all that to my github repo and release it for general enjoyment (heh). I might also provide a linux build of the VSTi but after using fighting with Visual C++ for a few weeks I don't really feel like providing a build of anything for Windows. On Mac... I have gcc installed in my PowerBook, so once I manage to get this code compiled with gcc again it shouldn't be too hard to compile it for Mac OS X. But I can't promise anything; computers are unpredictable, and computers+code that one didn't write (i.e. the VST SDK) are even worse ;)