Mozilla Labs Gaming looks interesting - specially the fact that they don't seem to be focusing on desktop platforms only (see the reference to touch events). Having good references is always a good thing.

I'm not sure about the horse power of current mobile platforms for running browser applications, though... And what's with the pixelated, blocky icons? Is it because games are assumed to be blocky by design? Is no antialias the new antialias?


Silverlight vs HTML5 - was a fight to be fought rather sooner than later. Microsoft seems to me like they're piloting a giant ship which takes ages to change direction. Only they don't know which direction should they head to: with native applications being less relevant nowadays (at least desktop wise) it seems silly to keep working on new GUI layers and systems in Visual Studio and etc.


HTML5 Audio data exposed with Firefox 4 - more Mozilla good news. There was some support for FFT data reading a few Firefox beta builds ago, but they weren't officially sanctioned until now, so experimenting with that was a bit risky. The video shows also audio data being manipulated too (not only read) with real time filtering... this has huge potential for projects such as jranular :)

I also find of capital interest that all these new audio features have been developed entirely outside Mozilla, as the main author details in his blog. +1 for open source ;)


Zhook, a simple HTML5 based ebook format. Very sensible idea -- specially if you're reminded that most of the platforms at which ebooks are targeted use the very capable WebKit as their core component for dealing with HTML:

iOs, Android, webOS, Symbian — all use the WebKit rendering engine. That’s four broad global mobile operating systems that basically define the walk-around go-anywhere Internet today.

I looked at the ePub format a few months ago and well... let's just say it discouraged me :-P


Finally, more Mozilla goodness! It seems Firefox's nightly builds using the superawesome JägerMonkey javascript engine are already available. I've tested one of the builds they provide and the latest version from Firefox repository (compiled in my computer), and I've seen huge performance increases with JavaScript experiments.

It still can't beat Chrome and some of the other experiments run horribly slow, but it's getting dangerously close, as testified by their are we fast yet? website. Well done, Mozilla people!