A tribute to MeteoriK/Approximate

This week we lost the great, the mighty, the mischievously brilliant MeteoriK, alias Meaty, real life name Giles Constant.

I was casually checking twitter yesterday, when ne7 mentioned he had lost "his friend Giles". I immediately said to myself: "no, no, that can't be true. Not that Giles". And I went to pouet desperately trying to prove me wrong, hoping that I wouldn't find any of those threads with a sad title. But there was one.

I have been in shock since.

Because he was such an special person. Everyone liked him instantly upon meeting him for the first time; he just needed a couple of lines to get even the most stern people to laugh their asses off. He was always happy and uplifting even when trying his best to appear serious, which totally cracked everyone up. The UK scene quizzes, the Assembly TV interviews: that was his showman side.

He was also a wise man, knowledgeable about a myriad of technical subjects, and always eager to have a delightful technical discussion, whether it was about mail servers, sound synthesisers or the sort of train that runs on a certain commuter line at specific times of the week, and all this while being so humble and approachable, that he made everyone feel welcome and comfortable into his circle. He was a great mate.

Saying that it's a sad week for the demoscene doesn't make him any justice; it's a sad week for the entire world, which has lost an exceptional human being.

Rest in peace, Meaty. You'll be sorely missed.