Emptying the pictures backlog


I've taken so many pictures this summer that it felt almost impossible to sort them out and select "the absolute best" afterwards...

First we went to a very, very small village in inland Spain, close to Teruel, and spent several days visiting it and surrounding places. That was when I took more pictures.

Then we went to my home town and I'm extraordinarily glad that I didn't take so many pictures but instead spent more time drawing and live-sketching, as that results in less stuff to classify and filter :-)

I haven't gone through the sketches yet, but here are two albums from my home town for starters:

  • Campanari de la Vila - probably the tallest church tower in Valencia province/community, and maybe the second in height in Spain. The corresponding church has mysterious places such as the crypt which was open to the public too.
  • Pou Clar. A natural environment a couple of kilometres away.

That's all for now. More stuff soon. I hope!