My Mozilla Summit pictures

Great America

I just uploaded my Summit pictures! All tagged with #MozSummit so that they can be found in the "collective tag pool" for MozSummit, or whatever it is called nowadays...

Looking at my pictures two things come to mind:

  1. I should have taken more pictures (alas I wasn't idle enough)
  2. Those were good days.

Looking at pictures from other people two things come to mind too:

  1. I should have spoken to more people
  2. Those were good people!

On a side and completely unrelated note, I'm really excited to see new people in the leaderboards for MozStumbler and new data coming in since I wrote the post this morning, Chris tweeted about it and all that happens afterwards. The map is now less empty and sparse! Also, my blog is finally in Planet Mozilla so it also helps to spread the word!