tween.js r12

Tween.js-ers of the world and interpolation aficionados rejoice!

Here's tween.js r12: a release that brings you two bug fixes for quite specific circumstances (well spotted, guys!), better assets management for the repo and a C/C++ version for your very binary projects!

Or, copying from the changelog:

  • Fix bug with cached tweens.length value inside update() loop (freestlr)
  • Move assets and all examples and stuff to use the gh-pages branch, so things are always properly updated (sole).
  • Fix bug where chained tweens were not stopped if the previous tween had been stopped, under certain circumstances, by cfddream
  • Use tweens in C/C++ with libtween by jsm174!

It's also in npm as tween.js, so you can do

npm install tween.js

Astute readers might have noticed the absence of an r11 post on this blog. That's because it was a bit of a messy release, as I was utterly busy, and I forgot to tag it, forgot to add the file size to the change log, etc, etc. Hopefully it'll get better from now on as I try to simplify the deploy process.