install-to-adb with command line tool!

As I said, I abhor repetition, so I added a new nifty feature to the install-to-adb module I made.

Now it also has a command line tool, and you can push and launch apps from the command line without even having to write a custom script that uses the module (of course, you can still use the module code by requiring it).

install-to-adb /path/to/your/firefoxos/app --launch

In the video above, I'm using the tool to install the browser example from Justin D'Archangelo's DNS-SD project -- a pure JavaScript implementation of mDNS for Firefox OS. This way I don't need to open WebIDE and install the app separately on each device. Instead I point the tool to the path of the app, and also tell it to launch it when it's installed :-)

Since I'm running the tool in the same directory as the app is, I don't even need to specify its full path, I can just use a dot, which in UNIX based systems means "the current path":

install-to-adb . --launch

Being pragmatically lazy like this is amazing! :-D

This is also the first time I write a command line tool with node so if there are weirdnesses feel free to file an issue, or (even better) tell me how to fix them.

I published the module on npm too. So if you need to install lots of apps to devices regularly it might be worth to install it globally (wowowow):

npm install -g install-to-adb

Source code: