Today's accidental success, or how I scared this random caller away without even realising it

I am the worst for phone calls. If you want to speak to me, you have to make a serious effort and let me know that you're going to call me by any other means, so I am aware of that and pay attention to the little device.

Today was one of those very rare days in which I was expecting a call, so I took the phone out of "silent, no interruptions whatsoever" mode, and went on with my deeply mental and brainy work.

Out of a sudden the phone rings and I'm pleasantly surprised because I realised I had remembered to take it out of silent mode, and also because I had noticed it was ringing--sometimes I don't even realise it is, much to the dismay of whoever is trying to call me.

So I pick the call and all I hear is blablablablabla bla bla (something that might sound like my name) blablabla bla calling from blablablabla.

But even if I had noticed the phone call, my brain was still engaged on my previous task. It just didn't process what the "parrot" on the other side of the line was blabbing. So I ask her to repeat it again.

And again.

"Sorry, I still don't know what are you talking about. You are calling me from where?"

She repeats it again.

I still don't understand what she's saying. The place she says she's calling me from sounds like something similar to somewhere else that only has a tenuous relationship to me, but no actual reason to call me whatsoever, so I am very confused. I genuinely want to understand what she's saying, so I please ask her to repeat the question again.

She's furious.

"NEVER MIND. Maybe I will call some other time!"

And she, to my surprise, terminated the call!

Some seconds after, I keep trying to process where was she calling me from, and it finally comes to me.

"Aaaah, that was it!"

But it was too late... and she had accidentally revealed to me the secret to get rid of callers! MWHAHAHAHA ?