The furthest I've ever been

(Inspired by Diamond Geezer's series: N W E S)

  • North: Höfn, Iceland (64°15′13″ N 15°12′43″ W)
  • South: Melbourne, Australia (37°48′49″S 144°57′47″E) - followed very closely by Montevideo, Uruguay (34°53′1″S 56°10′55″W)
  • West: Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver, Canada (49°16′26″N 123°9′18.4″W)
  • East: Sydney Airport (33°56′46″S 151°10′38″E)
This is a fun game to play and I'm thinking of extending it to "local" versions such as: the furthest I've been in... Europe, Spain, the UK, London, and maybe my past and present boroughs? Or another variation: the further you've been to each of the tube lines.

I guess if this was 2005 I would tag five more bloggers to continue the game meme in their blog, but it isn't, so if you like the idea, feel free to take part on it! It's never too late to start a blog!