Was it `from XYZ import ABC` or was it `import ABC from XYZ`?

I was writing (read: hacking together) some Python code yesterday and when today I came back to the ES6-flavoured JavaScript I'm writing as of late, I immediately got my import declarations wrong!

Instead of

// ES6
import ABC from 'xyz';

... I accidentally typed

// ES-Python?
from 'xyz' import ABC;

... which is more like the Python syntax.

I normally advocate for copying what everyone knows, i.e. ES6 designers should have copied Python, as it makes it easier for developers to pick up new languages or features.

But if you think about that, the Python syntax is pretty awkward and counter to the way English reads, unless you're exercising some fancy stylistic choices. And code is not the right place for fancy styles, specially if you want others to be able to pick where you left.

So I'm glad ES6 designers did not copy Python in this case. Not so glad that my brain seems to prefer the awkward choice!