Podcasts I'm listening to, 2020 edition

I listen to podcasts when I have the time. I don't normally have a lot of time to do this, so I want to listen to "quality podcasts" only.

I have found the most interesting podcasts via personal recommendations, so I thought it'd be neat to share the ones I'm listening to and maybe it would help someone else. Corollary: popularity algorithms still don't work (or I'm too special).

These are the podcasts I'm listening to these days:

  • Make it and tell everybody - a conversation between Dan Berry and an artist, explaining how they do what they do, problems they find along the way, etc. It's a quite candid insight into their lives and very enlightening! And I find the title of the show super inspiring: just finish it!
  • The Guilty Feminist - Deborah Frances-White (mostly) brings a number of people on stage and they admit to their feminist inadequacies in a funny note, and eventually it is all sorted out. Lots of comedians, musicians, poets, etc! I haven't had the chance to join them for a live session yet, but I hope I will, eventually. They tour the world, so maybe you can join them too!
  • Honey & Co: The Food Talks - a podcast with Itamar and Sarit, the founders at Honey & co—and possibly one of my top 'food crushes' 😋! They invite chefs, food writers and restaurateurs/entrepreneurs talk about all things food. It is quite interesting to see what's going behind all these products we literally 'consume'. And I mean it quite literally, as they record the podcast in their deli shop, and they eat the food after they finish. I aim to join one session sometime soon!
  • Klark Kentt Podcast Berlin - this is for when I need a dose of deep dark techno (don't we all, from time to time?). I found it via Electric Indigo's twitter account, as she had recorded an excellent session for it. By the way, she also runs female:pressure, a network for highlighting interesting electronic arts. Their twitter is very useful to find cool stuff (music, videos, albums, artists...).
  • Impossible to Manage - where Danilo Campos and Nicole Sánchez talk all things managing in a human and honest way, making pop culture connections that I would probably not have come up with. I really enjoy their insights and I'm looking forward to using their app for 1:1s, Digamo.
  • Managing Up - another 'managing podcast', this time with Travis Swicegood, Brandon Hays, Nickolas Means which you might have seen talking at The Lead Developer conference. I like listening to their thought process and experiences; I do not always think the same way they do, and it's nice to hear why they've reached those decisions as they explain the reasoning behind. Ernesto recommended this one to me :-)
  • Music Planet: Road Trip - a podcast from BBC radio 3 featuring musical cultures from around the world. I really love listening to this one and immersing myself on the richness of humankind when it comes to music. Also for extra respect points they seem to feature native speakers, instead of bringing a native English speakers to tell us about the things they found. It's lovely to hear English spoken with different accents. And, coming from the BBC, this is tremendously well produced and a pleasure to listen to.
    • related, they're not a podcast but a couple of BBC radio 6 programs which you might be able to listen to on the web or subscribe via that BBC sounds thing; we love listening to Cerys Matthews (Sunday 10-12) and Amy Lamé (Sunday 16-18) on the radio. Both are quirky and fun, bring up the most interesting music and guests, and keep radio playful and not full of EGO.
  • Type O +VE - this is the nichest thing and unfortunately there are only three episodes and has not been updated since 2016, but if you like TYPEWRITERS you'll enjoy this.
  • FT StartUp Tech Stories - not really updated since 2018 either (I seem to tend to find dead podcasts 😂) - but good because that means you can listen at your own pace! Interesting to find out what's behind some of the products you use (again, you might see a theme here).

That's it! I hope you find something interesting, and please let me know if there are similar podcasts you enjoy listening to!

PS I will unsubscribe from any and all podcasts that open up with "Hey guys!". GUYS IS NOT GENDER NEUTRAL ____ don't @ me.