busy, busy

Our internet connection has decided to stop working. So I'm not browsing or writing any blog entries from home. But that's not bad!! I can concentrate on doing useful things!! Otherwise I start looking at my e-mail, continue with latest blog entries, maybe the MSN, IRC, blah blah... and finally I don't do anything!

So good news: I actually managed to do the little endian <-> big endian conversion functions. So I can read files written in mac with a pc, and the inverse. That last one is the really interesting one (by the moment) as that way I can read neon2 files.

Why should I want to do that? Well, because I don't want to create yet another 3dsmax exporting tool. Shine did it! And I'm following that magic rule: Do it once.

Let's hope in a near future I can show you some screenshots of 3d max scenes exported to neon2 and loaded and rendered on mac :-)