RadRails: a nice IDE for rubyonrails

I started developing code with subethaedit. It's not bad, considering that the personal, non commercial edition is free, but somehow the lack of a tree with all the files and its folders (like visual studio, eclipse, etc) annoys me.

So I started with skEdit, which is quite nice (although I really hate to have to close all the files when it has to refresh. It's painful), but it's not free and the demo version is limited to 25 days only. A big problem I found is that it can't syntax highlight ruby (.rb) files. So it's as useless as coding with textpad.

Then I finally found RadRails. It's based on Eclipse, but it's well adapted and very easy to "install" (i.e., it has no installation, you just drag and drop it to the applications folder, at least on Mac Os X <3 <3). It has nice syntax highlighting and the files/folder tree feature, and no need to close all files to refresh the tree, so by the moment it's more than enough for my needs. Also, I haven't tested it, but the page states that it works on linux and windows as well. It doesn't eat resources as eclipse does. I think it's worth a try.

I'd like to have a look at TextMate but for some weird reason I wrongly downloaded an expired version from the wrong page and it has decided that my test license has expired and never allows me to have a test with a new version, downloaded from their original web. I promise I never tried to crack it, just downloaded it from a wrong page :-(
Shame on the author for not taking care of the distribution of the program, and not appearing on the first place on google searchs!

Maybe one day I'll write them and ask. If I like it (I liked it after seeing the video [link to a MOV file]) maybe I would buy it. Or not: let's see how I work with radrails...