Some things I want to give a try...

You know, I am curious. I am always willing to learn things and all of that. These are the things I want to test:

  • CakePHP, recommended by Sin, a nice mix of php+ruby on rails design patterns. Maybe for cases in which you can't use rails... but do not want to keep coding the same once and once again... must have an indepth look...
  • Flock, that new collaborative browser. I started testing it a bit the other day but I am very busy these late weeks so I didn't configure it properly
  • Pong, for pinging different webs with your latest blog entries instead of pinging each engine separately,
  • and flash 8 and its new rendering features.... yummmmm
  • and rubyonrails... i want to continue with it!! (my latest improvement was installing it and playing a bit around)
So lots of things to get informed about... and so little time...! yay!