To be inspiring is so nice...

I saw the Black Birdie invitation screenshot and thought how nice! this is so similar to my Blue Tuesday! What a coincidence! But as I didn't feel motivated enough to turn on the PC and run the demo, I let it go. Then the (in)famous Shanethewolf told in pouet:

Wait a minute...I've seen this demo before. Oh no, it's just that it's a complete copy of Blue Tuesday but nowhere near as good. Sure, they credit the ripped music, but why aren't there any credits for the original demo they copied/remixed?
And the demo author replied:
actually, i didnt have blue tuesday in mind while i was doing this. it was rather the asm04 invitro by moppi and fresh! that gave me insperation to do some mix of them both since i had a ribboneffect. I didn't come to think of blue tuesday till now that you mention it, but sure, they are alike.
Ok, so I was certain then, it was pure coincidence. Then you go one day, and find the releases for that party (Black Birdie). Ok let's see what are they like... Ohmm not again!... more coincidences on green destruction by Digital Devotion ... Several rotating objects, the layout, are very similar to the style of some xplsv vj gigs, and maybe even to vslpx. How funny! But we thought, that must have been a simple coincidence, so we didn't start any kind of troll-powered discussion in the demo comments. The day after, Gargaj says what all of us were thinking but no one dared to say:
i lack a greet for TPB and/or XPLSV :)
and the author makes the long awaited confession:
oh yeah, i knew i missed something. BIG greetings to XPLSV for their stuff that inspired me in the first place!

So seems like this is a happy end... finally all the truth is discovered. Maybe it would have been better to simply send a greet or a ownage or something at first instead of letting the others think maliciously about your behaviour. In any case I feel very pleased of seeing that one of my demos has been imitated.

In fact, I had the same sensation past year when the bcnparty100 invitation was released. That one looked terribly similar to broken minds, the demo that we released at bcnparty11, but sucked terribly.

I didn't say anything on the pouet comments to not to give an image of being overcritical and intransigent with bcnparty, but that one displeased me absolutely. Music was horrible, code was extremely slow and it didn't work as an invitation at all. Not to mention the terrible non-sense it was, even if they tried to justify it with the party slogan ("Scene makes dementia")

I know our demo was also very complicated to follow (our initial script wasn't developed enough, so the idea of the demo is not very clear I think). But it didn't get frozen in the middle when some metaballs appeared with no reason!

Gosh! to ask for more than a radeon9000 and a pentium 4 for seeing a metaballs scene is destroying the demoscene spirit!!