xplsv.tv: motiongraphics tv is not beta anymore!!

It's been a very loooong time since we released the first version of xplsv.tv. At that moment, it lacked lots of features, and other were not very well defined - we learnt by seeing what the users did and asked for.

We changed from the winamp tv stream that we had to a flash based solution. This one was better and easier for the system maintenance as we didn't had to ask anyone at cdmon (our kind sponsors, after our other kind sponsor scenesp) to run a dedicated process for streaming the motions. Now it's just the client computer the one which requests flash video movies (FLV's) to the server. And those are simple http requests.

Also, the support for flash is much better than the winamp video plug in - which was just available on windows platform, at least at that moment. That way (by using flash) we had a legion of mac users being able to enjoy the TV too! no more complaints from jealous apple users... which are a big mass in the motion graphics creators population, by the way.

So after coding and improving the tv flash player, it is finally finished! So I am very proud to announce it here too: the motiongraphics tv is not beta anymore! - specially in this forever beta trend which is disperse all around the world wide web :)

I am very happy and would like to thank everyone which has been using xplsv.tv. Work in the existing (and upcoming) features is in progress and I hope to provide some nice (whether it is new or improved) functionality in the following months. Thanks to all!!!!