Euskal 14 live report (VI)


After the jury meeting, a chiptune has been disqualified since the author had presented a radix's chiptune as his. He was reluctant to accept it at the beginning but when Jeenio has compared the original vs the rip and showed that the same pattern numbers were in the order list (among other things) he finally admitted he had ripped the song.

Some people proposed to disqualify him for every other music compo as a 'punishment' but finally it hasn't been done and he's been disqualified only on chiptune compo.

Several entries in the wild compo will be disqualified as well, because they do not follow the party rules. Mainly, 'do something which is related with the scene', but also because some of them use commercial music, or have ripped materials from other demos, as I commented when talking about yesterday's compos.

I would have liked to tell the ripper of this guay my opinion but he wasn't in the jury meeting. Maybe he was too busy playing with his friends... =_=

The worst is that the people who release works with ripped parts in this party may be doing the same in minor parties with little scene compos, where there's not anybody with knowledge to detect if something has been ripped or not.