Euskal 14 live report (VII)

Ahhh the day-after-the-compos feeling... when the gamers are packing their computers since there's not any more tournament going on today and the sceners are away while they process the ingent loads of alcohol they bing-drank after the big compos. Or not!

The compos were nice but too short... take a look by yourself in any of the public repositories, for example pouet. Somehow after playing the demos and gathering in front of the big screen for around one hour, finally just 4 people decided to really go for having a beer or something outside. We finally stayed in a kind of terrace which was in the rear part of the party place, with the portuguese posse promoting new demoscene habits.

They prepared like a portable barbeque with alcohol... yes! they burnt the alcohol instead of drinking it, and then they roasted xernobyl's chorizo (don't get me wrong =)) ). Jeenio also proceeded to play some songs with his guitar, accompanied by ps's amazing voice. You've never heard anything like that before.

Some time after we went to sleep and blabla...