Long life to polka dots

I went to the post office this morning to pick up a valuable item: the tickets for The Pipettes live at the Roundhouse next Saturday!

Since it's only two days until the concert, I take the opportunity that I give myself (since this is my own blog) and therefore declare the following days as Polka Dotted Days (note the header! look at it! - obviously it just works if the people which read the blog through the feed do come here and have a look at the header... now do it).

I discovered The Pipettes a couple of months ago, being curious about what other people were listening to in last.fm, and I discovered about this concert in last.fm as well, so it looks like it's working well as a music promotion platform :-)

And since I'm still regretting not having gone to a concert that La Casa Azul played in Barcelona a couple of years ago, even if they are not directly comparable, I thought it was a good idea to go and start the holidays in a funny way.

It all looks very much like american 60's-ish and those movies about High School graduation balls. I wonder if they will serve punch and choose the queen and the king of the party! Although being a Brit event, they will either serve mulled wine or alcopops or something like that, very girly. Who knows!

I'm looking forward to it - while trying to come up with a polka dotted something to dress with on Saturday, but I think I don't have anything like that (yet) :-)