What if...?

Some years ago I used to read quite a lot of sci-fi and comic books. My favourite storylines where the ones about parallel universes, alternative realities and in general the what could have happened if somebody had done this instead of that? story type, for example, the Marvel's What if? series.

And today I was having a nice chat with mr. Madgoblin about the prospectives in Spain, the house prices and the possible devaluation of IT workers in the future, and I thought: what if we changed our jobs and switched to a non pure IT field? I mean, a place where computers are a tool, not part of the product, if you understand me. I don't really know what I would do, and it's hard for me to imagine myself in a what if...? scenario. If it wasn't by the money, I presume I would try to do something artistic like writing or composing stuff; a pity there's too many people doing both types of stuff nowadays and inspiration isn't something which is up and ready every day at 9 o'clock in the morning :-)

So what would you do if IT jobs were to disappear? Would you stay loyal to your beloved computers? or would you just shut them off and search for a better paid job?