Using skeletons for selling books

Foyles is a big independent bookshop. It is in Charing Cross Road, quite near the St. Martins Art School which I mentioned before when talking about their funky displays. So maybe because of that, or not, they try to have original displays as well. The current ones can be viewed until 15 october and feature lots of skeletons in the most original situations. While it can look a bit morbid for spanish people it is funny for me and trust me, they caught my eye instantly. Delirious, take a look (and sorry about the mirror effect but I did my best):

An skeleton riding a bike, dressed like a doctor

skeleton riding a bike

The Skeleton Judge

skeleton dressed like a judge

And finally the studying skeleton. Somehow it's the one that I like more, it reminds me to myself when I got stuck in a couple of subjects in the uni and thought that I would be old and still wouldn't have passed those subjects. See its desperation face, holding its head with the left hand, poor it!

Student skeleton part 2Student skeleton part 1