Let us mind our own business

Found this comment in a weblog:

i was minding my own business one day then suddenly this thing popped up asking me to debug using microsoft script editor. what is debug? why is it happening? when i press ok, it stopped and said that something is null and not an object. leaving me no choice but to press break. what is break? but it is just hanging there and i can't use my program. and i don' t understand what the whole thing is about. please help….

(from MSE at Erik's weblog)

Unfortunately I couldn't feel more identified with it. It might be surprising but when you're working with computers during 8+ hours a day the last thing you want to get is an error like that one. Even if you know what's going on, what's debug and what's break. It isn't your business, and it shouldn't be, but it prevents you from doing yours.

It's like a plumber being greeted with an stack overflow when he comes back home after a long plumbing and unblocking day.

Ahhh computers! Diabolic weapons!