I was trying to polish it a bit more and then announce it but mr.doob just decided to go ahead and promote our latest idea,, in digg (feel free to digg it, of course).

What you can see is a very preliminary draft of a for-fun project. I showed mr.doob a wordpress plug-in that I was developing for getting spam statistics, when all of a sudden we began to have crazy ideas like "and what if we placed all these spammers in a map instead of just getting a table with percentages?".

We still have a lot of features to be shown, which are hidden while I finish the interface, plus the wordpress plug-in which we'll presumably distribute in some kind of closed beta way so that we can assess how well does it work.

Meanwhile we need the spammers to collaborate and contribute with their shit to the site! If you're one of these viciously perverted v14gr4 advertisers, for all means, spam it! We need your c1.alis, en-largements and all that in our site!

If you're not a spammer, you can also help us by linking to, so that spammers may hear about a site which greedily devours every spam it finds and shows it in a map (and does more things in the future, I hope).

PD: By the way, isn't it a great name? mapspam! it's a palindrome and can be read the same whether you begin to read in one or another direction!