Euskal 2010 demoshow

I was making a much overdue hard disk clearance, when I found the videos from the demoshow I prepared for past Euskal.

Since it's a bit silly to upload the videos anywhere (because they already are somewhere in the internets) and it's not very practical for watchers anyway, I decided to look for the videos in YouTube and create a playlist. That way I can share it with you, and delete the videos from my hard drive and thus make room in it! Yay! \o/

For the curious and impatient, these are the videos, wilds, demos, etc. in the playlist:

  1. Visual Approach to the Aesthetics of Techno by Neuro:Concept
  2. HBC-0008: How to use Blender by HBC
  3. Craft by LFT
  4. Julie by Nuance
  5. Memorize your future by Neuro:Concept
  6. Making of Shizzle by Team PokeMe
  7. Comic Bakery by Press Play On Tape
  8. Realtime Demo Wannabe by Maxon
  9. Shizzle by Team PokeMe
  10. Second Reality 64 by Smash Designs
  11. Youscope by TVT

I know it's an strange mix, but the idea was to show some classics, oddities and very cool things so that people at Euskal would get amazed and inspired for doing nice things for the Wild and Animation compos, whose entries are generally a bit "bland".