ie6 for Android

ie6 in Android

Mr.doob just managed to pull the leg of half the Internet population today (OK, maybe I'm exaggerating, let's leave it in half the Twitterverse) with his ie6 effect for Chrome and Firefox.

I thought it would do us all good to have a native Android application, so that we could also emulate the Internet Explorer 6 experience in our cell phones.

And presto, here it is (direct link to Market, don't bother if you're not browsing this with a phone). Or in Cyrket.

Plus it also includes our beloved Critical error sound.

Enjoy it :P

Update: I learnt how to make Activities have transparent surface and theme... so I updated the Application and it now blends seamlessly with your Home screen, menu... and it's way more realistic! A screenshot:

ie6 in Android

The updated version is already available in the market, so you'll get an update notification soon if you've got it installed.