aafm revision 5

Let's keep this short and sweet: there's a new aafm revision. Number FIVE!

Which includes (shamelessly taken from the README, for economy of mind and time reasons):

Several bug fixes and refactoring, plus a nice addition for those using desktop systems in Linux!

  • New .desktop file and icon allow users to launch aafm from GNOME/KDE/etc menus/shells/launchers (Huulivoide).
  • New setup.py script for making aafm available system-wide (Huulivoide).
  • Fix/refactor copying files between host and device (sole, xisberto).
  • Gracefully handle unknown uids and gids (sole and muflone).

I really love that with the help of people I don't know and github, we're progressing towards a stable and robust GUI.

There's no way that I could try all sorts of edge cases and system combinations, as for example the ones that affected the last issue, where the software bailed when a file didn't have a known user or group. This happens when you use the same file system with several distributions or systems, and apparently confuses things to no end. Since I don't have that kind of exotic setup, this would have gone undetected forever, had it not been fixed thanks to the help of that generous people that are reporting bugs and even better... fixing them, as they ostensibly know way more Python/Android than me!

What is even more interesting, though, is that sometimes a bug fix can help you fix another bug, as they add information that was required to understand what was failing. For example: the fix for the unknown gid helped me understand that another bug was happening, in fact, because the uid was unknown.

The power of the hive mind!

In the future I'll start using a dev/master branch, three.js style, but for now you can simply clone the repository to get the latest revision:

git clone git://github.com/sole/aafm.git

Oh, I just found out that there's a package in Arch Linux's AUR. Anyone up for packaging a PPA? :-)