enjoy the ride

That's the title of marlango's first single (if I'm not wrong). I'm really happy. It has been a long since spanish music market had something really interesting to offer to my ears (more concretely, since I listened to kindergarten).
Now I have found this group and I will recommend it to you without any kind of doubt. Very well worked melodies and lyrics - nothing to compare with those boring and excesively typical spanish shitty songs that we are used to suffer. Great arrangements, complex atmospheres with lots of nuances - that's what I call a real production, superb!
Is it not strange that almost 50% of the band is not spanish? It's composed by a very well known face: the singer Leonor Watling -also actress-, and two great musicians: pianist Alejandro Pelayo and trumpetist Oscar Ybarra.
Now it's the time to enjoy the ride ;-)