Thanks, Spöntz!

My laptop crashed some weeks ago. I brought it back to the vendor to get it repaired. Then past week an unknown number showed up several times in my mobile, but I couldn't answer any of those times. At last, past Friday I could pick it up and then ... surprise! My laptop was repaired.

I could hardly believe it. Liso's laptop had the same problem than mine; that is, any kind of program that used the gpu more or less intensively made the screen go completely crazy, showing lots of garbage instead of the expected output... At the beginning that only happened when the computer was running for a long time, but at the end it even happened by just using Notepad! Don't laugh - it's true. So in Liso's case the entire motherboard had to be replaced because the graphics card was soldered to it (apart from being almost burnt).

It had only been one week since I left the laptop for it to be repaired, and they had spent more than three weeks to repair Liso's computer. So getting those calls so early did indeed sound very strange.

Anyway, I went there and asked them which was the problem in their opinion, of course. Laugh: the bios. They had updated the bios! Can you believe it? I looked at him, completely skeptical, and said ... what?.... That guy was smiling and saying that aberration completely unashamed! I couldn't stand it anymore, so I took everything, went back home under the pouring rain... really hoping that it was the last time that I had to send the laptop for repair.

I arrived home, plugged everything that had to be plugged, and turned the laptop on. Windows starts popping up stupid dialogs boxes regarding some new hardware found. What the f...? What had these people done to my computer? I was beginning to get angry, but I still hadn't made the computer pass the-definitive-test: play a demo!

So I clicked on, uncompressed it, executed the demo and everything was ok. Die Anderung is loading, it said. It was like a kind of illusion ... but it only lasted the loading time, because just when the demo started, the computer turned crazy again. Lots of garbage and shit spread all around the screen! Arghhh! That was when I really got angry angry...
After a complete weekend to meditate, I decided to use Die Anderung for my profit. How?

Well, I have taken the laptop back to the shop and I have shown what the issue was to the guy in the repair shop. He was looking at the screen like: you babe... hahaha ... what are you going to demonstrate me? bahhh ... until the rubbish-screen has appeared. His face has lost all colour, he has stopped talking nonsense and then I have pressed ESC.

The computer's desktop was a mess, it was almost impossible to distinguish the windows from the background. Rubbish, rubbish, shit all around the screen! And I have said to him: do you understand NOW what is the problem?. Amazingly, he still doesn't believe me, so he reboots the computer to verify it's not a software problem .... AND EVEN THE BOOTING SCREEN APPEARED GARBLED!

So it has taken a long while, but he has finally admitted he was wrong: We... we ... well... mmm ... yes, I think this is not a software problem... it seems to be something more serious...

So I want to thank Spöntz, because without their demo, I would still be with a crashed laptop just because that clumsy guy did not believe me - and did not want to make his job, by the way! I hope that the meaning of die Anderung is like a kind of premonition and I have my laptop with the entire motherboard replaced very very soon!

And once again ... Thanks, Spöntz! you rule!!!!!