I can't stop updating!

Ok, so I've fixed the css bug (remember to reload everything in the page, css and html, with ctrl+f5 or shift+f5), it was quite simple but I had a complete mess with the layers and the floats, the clears, blabla. It's as simple as:
a) I have a layer with some content: the content layer
b) I want to have a layer on the right with some contents

So easy, assign a width to both layers, and then set float: right to the layer which must appear on the right. (look at the code of this page).

I also have taken this opportunity to fix some minor things in the blog and the best of all... adding the comments feature! Now you can say something about one of the posts without going to the fanclub section. I think this is a good idea and will be useful... one day at least... :D