please, please, I need an aftereuskal!

Some people needs aftershave, as you'll imagine, I don't need that; instead I need an aftereuskal... I get asleepy at random hours, i'm awake until late hours in the night, hahaha!
Well, and now seriously, this has been a really strange party. I was really tired from my job, and I wasn't really inspired to do a demo or such. Some months ago we (sardu and me) had lots of projects for the euskal; an intro64k, a demo, a wild; but the vast amount of work that we encountered between then and now made us feel really unmotivated.
She didn't had design ideas - we looked at the different drafts that we created and we felt like mmmm please... let it apart... mmm maybe you better begin from scratch, don't you think...?; nor I had code inspiration: ok ... so I have to code something... yes at last we have a music but we don't know what to create to accompany this tune....
And yes, we had the music, for the wild and for the demo, but we were completely poor in ideas about the global thing. Just some vague concepts and nothing more. As you can imagine, not the kind of things that make a winner demo/wild.
On the other hand, we began feeling a sensation of boredom about the ppg-thing, the joke that had became an almost-serious group, and we didn't know how to end that. We wanted to surpass the ppg syndrome of predictable demostyle: happy colours (mostly pink all the way) and 4x4 songs (typically dance tunes with catchy melodies).
And the most important point at all was that us, as women, had demonstrated that we were capable of creating demos by ourselves, that there was no explicit need of having a man near us to achieve our goals.
So, if we had demonstrated that we were possible to be scene-active-elements, we had laughed some times with the joke-group and we were happy with the result, that was no need of more ppg-ishing, at least for sardu and me. The best way of telling bye to ppg was creating a demo in a different style, we thought. And so we did codecolors, trying to start a new stage in our scene life. We don't know what are we going to do in a future, we just know that we want to change. Completely from scratch! ;)

And that's about the ppg issue. As I have said before, I was really tired before the party, and I wasn't able to recover because tlotb wanted to release a demo with the new demosystem. It was like a global betatest, both for us and for the rest of the scene. The tlotb demo was started just 5 days before the party. The only thing that we had before was the music and we still had to fix some things in it, mainly because it was longer than the amount of demo that we were capable of generate in just 5 days. It's remarkable that when I say "we", I'm relating to corsario and me. Astharoth, Hgh, and Liso weren't implied directly in the demo but in the xsystem and the xdemosystem, so all the 3d, 2d, and scripting, was a two people work.
Corsario loves partycoding, while I hate it. I was really upset about standing in front of the computer making more and more meshes and layers and I though that finally also did he, because we wanted to end it as soon as possible and dedicate ourselves to less exhausting things like talking with friends and so on. Besides, I had to finish my talk about the trackers and preparing a demoshow that was never played in its whole. And don't forget about the compos where I was jury, befffffffff, it was really exhausting ò_ó
Well... mmmm... I'm going to post this now... and I'll write more about the euskal in other entry... :) see you