Ruby On Rails, round I

Lately I discovered that I am a bit fed up with certain things in the php world. Specially doing cms and all the stuff related to storing data, data models and blah blah. So I have finished taking a look at Ruby on rails. This is a framework built over Ruby, a language created by a japanese guy, Yukihiro Matsumoto, which wanted to do something better than perl.
And this framework was built by David Heinemeier Hansson, the main coder of Basecamp (one of the coolest products I have seen lately).
The video demo on the ruby on rails page is really impressive and interesting (although part of it is due to the use of that cool editor! I have to get that editor!).
After seeing it, I tried to install ruby and rails on my mac and I failed when trying to make it run as an apache module, although it worked with the default Webricks server. When I come back from this long week-end party + Notting Hill Carnival final party, and rest a bit, maybe I'll have a try again. That sentence about the ruby on rails philosophy -Do it once- has captivated me...