Coming back

I have been at two great parties this weekend. First it was pmp which rocked completely, and I am writing a little report about it, so stay tuned... and second it was the notting hill carnival, which has rocked so much too (although you can't even compare it with the pmp, of course). Past year I was only on the first day of carnival, which is the kids day, and this one I was only on the second day of carnival, the adults day.

This is an open air celebration. Everybody goes to the street and dances, sings, drinks and eats in there, in a very big party. Although, as it has some caribbean roots, there are plenty of stands with people selling caribbean food which is very very curious. I recommend you to taste it if you can. There are also lots of soundsystems in the streets, with some dj's in each one, most of them play an strange mix of rap, caribbean, reggae and black music, but some others are more dance/techno oriented. We prefer more those ones as you could expect ;-)

Also we took the opportunity of going to a pub which is by the side of the Grand Union Canal, an old canal used for transporting materials and now it's more of a touristic attraction as it's not needed anymore (it's faster to use a truck than this canal nowadays). So there we were enjoying some funk and pop music while having a beer and enjoying the sun. Who can ask for more?

Yes, we asked for more. When coming back to Portobello we found a little soundsystem that was playing dance music and we decided it was cool, so we hung there for a while, dancing with some other people which was "giving it all", specially an old man which was the star in that party with his weird dance movements. Ahhh you can see such strange behaviours in this party...

So I am very tired and tomorrow it's a working day... time to sleep! I'll finish that report in a while and will put it here. See u!