Ruby On Rails, round II

No, I haven't installed ruby on rails yet. I just found this super nice tutorial in two parts: Rolling with Ruby On Rails part I and Rolling with Ruby On Rails part II, by Curt Hibbs. These are in the same style that the famous video referred in my first post about ruby on rails, but step by step ;)

After seeing how we can have nice urls like http://mydomain/article/read/1, which map to a controller which maps to a database table in just few steps, I wonder why the hell I still keep using php and those old methods for coding...
In this language everything seems to make sense. There's a place for each thing and several naming rules which lead to quick, error free development. I mean, it's so obvious that you can't make an error.

Ahhh sin and herotyc are so right when they say they won't code in php again! Thanks for all the suggestions, mates!

I just need some time for installing this and starting playing a bit with all. Seeing the simple and meaningful syntax of ruby, I don't think it's going to take me too much time to start showing my prods for the public pleasure.

If you know more cool tutorials in that style just let them in the comments, thank you!

This is another good tutorial: Really getting started in Rails. As it says, it explains the why which are not explained in the two first articles I pointed to.

Tutorial: How to do a todo list in rails.