This has been a touristic week-end, showing London to my mum & sister... which means to walk a lot all along the city. This wouldn't be bad if it wasn't by all the people which is in the middle and don't allow you to walk freely.

Funny things were to find two sceners in the middle of London, randomly. First we found Lemoniac/Necrostudios at Portobello Road Market, and today we have found Derethor/Centolos at Bond Street Station. He was going downstairs, we upstairs, we looked at the other and thought... I think I know who is him! (I have seen Derethor just once, on euskal 11 when he asked me if he could take a picture of me, for codepixel, I think, and I am very very bad when remembering faces).

I also discovered more interesting places to go here but I will reserve them for myself. The family & friends touristic quota for this year is completed so don't ask :-P