Tag your songs!

Well, I am a proud owner of an ipod mini... and I would like to suggest to all music makers in this world to tag their songs appropriately. I am a bit tired of tagging your songs to get them sorted on the ipod with a certain logic (which tends to be: browsing by artist, by song or by album). Nobody seems to tag their songs or they tag them wrongly: specifying artist but not the song name... or specifying artist/demogroup on one song ... and artist (without no /demogroup after)... or specifying nothing! grrr! Adding an ID3 tag when you release one of your songs is not that much of a hassle and it will avoid lots of problems to us your-fans-with-an-ipod.

There are some programs that are really great at tagging songs, learning the field values from the filename, massive tagging and so on, like foobar2000 -which on the other hand is terribly ugly :-(-, but it is annoying to have to re-tag (or tag for the first time) lots of songs I download from scene.org and repositories like that.
I think it's annoying enough to have to tag each module I convert to mp3, to have to tag even more songs... so please be collaborative and help yourself to be listened to by more people, just add an ID3 tag to your songs!