Less than three months for breakpoint06

So there is little time to breakpoint06 and there's lots of expectations around it. Will it be the party which reactivates the scene definitely? Or is it really dead?

At least there are lots of people coming this year. Most of the spanish expedition which made it to breakpoint05 is said to repeat, along with new people like ayame or madgoblin (although I am not really sure if that is a good idea... anyway). SuperVIP's which didn't appear in parties some time ago, like Statix/Bluespoon, are going there too.

Also I have been asking famous people and all of them are preparing their productions for breakpoint. Some of them are working on it since tUM05!

I will try and release something there as I said in my 2006 to do list. I have been thinking and meditating about that issue and I believe I have some good ideas. Unfortunately I'll have to create a pc version for showing in the bigscreen, as they are not accepting mac entries anymore, but I'll provide a Mac Os X version, most probably an universal binary so people with the new intel powered machines will be able to see the demo as well. And if not, go and buy a G4!