Nice clothes display

St Martin's School Clothes

I saw this funny display in Charing Cross - more exactly, it belongs to Saint Martins, the famous art school! I presume it's inspired in their fashion courses, and although the idea is quite simple (lay some layers of clothes as if it was a cake) it really caught my eye when I saw it.

Somehow, it reminds me of when I am preparing the suitcase for travelling. It just needs someone laying on top so as to press the clothes and make them use less space (thus being able to close the suitcase!).

I believe there were more thematic displays (related to the other specialties in the school), so if you are in London and want to take a look you'd better rush before they change the display - I have the feeling that they are meant for recruiting the attention of possible pupils, so they will probably change them quite early, once the school year begins.

Now that I think, does it mean that I am a potential Fashion student?


Update 12 september: I noticed this afternoon that they just removed them! So consider this post as the only testimonial EVER for the clothes display :-(