She's on Piccadilly Circus

Although Saint Etienne's He's on the phone is one of my favourite songs ever, I hadn't watched the video yet. But youtube still has it!

So there I was having a look at it and thinking omm... this could have been better if she just moved a bit more, and the camera could also play a bit more with the music, and why are they so static?, etc, when I spotted some familiar images in the background. What are those neon lights? I think I've seen them before... then I noticed the lyrics referring to the girl being in Leicester Square. But actually what appears there is Piccadilly Circus - or that I think. What do you think? is it Piccadilly Circus or not? Actually I have the feeling that the streets which have bookstores could also be some little streets near Charing Cross which have lots of bookshops and are as narrow as the ones which appear here. I can obviously understand it, Leicester Square has way less neon tubes which are very cool for video clips. So maybe they were in Leicester Square ready to record some planes and then found Piccadilly Circus, which is quite near, was nicer and then just thought "nobody is going to spot the difference" :P

PD Super +1 "100% londoner" to Saint Etienne for using a tube map style in their site menu - incredible uncomfortability and pain-in-the-ass site navigation aside...