Sundown 06 - Music!

Ok so there has been the oldskool music compo. They didn't show the patterns in screen because they said "it would reveal the song's author". I'm surprised they are still so concerned about namevoting nowadays, after all, we always showed the patterns view in xmplay when playing the multichannel/chiptune entries in ifparty. Anyway, there were quite cool tunes there, and there were also a lot of them, actually! :)

They haven't played the high quality entries yet, although partymeister reveals there's just a few entries in that compo (absolutely opposed to spanish parties, where there's a relation of 1:10 between oldschool and newschool music compos). Maybe they will play them later.

I've been having some interesting conversations with Navis and Smash. Navis was asking about "that girls group" and I told him it was me! hah it was fun, after having been talking with him for a good half an hour. Sigh, I'm not as famous as I thought :P

Now there's nothing happening in the partyplace - people keeps chatting, etc... let's see what's going on later, I saw there's a demo by ASD..., and also Gasman was showing something for spectrum which looked quite funny. Lots of ooohh oooh to come!