Sundown 06 - intermezzo

Music compo is about to begin but meanwhile I'll describe a bit the party. This is being held in Budleigh Salterton, a small village by the sea, near Exeter and Devon.

The party place, a kind of local activity center, is quite cosy. It remembers me a lot to Bcnparty's partyplace, the Cassinet d'Hostafrancs, but even more "home like". There's a kitchen where we can serve ourselves with coffee and tea, cereals, etc. The organisers and in general everybody are very kind, offering all sorts of help and attention they can provide, for example, preparing the arrangements for travelling from the train station to the village.

We feel so thankful! :-)

There's also lots of scene activity. We are sitting near some spectrum users, I believe they are from raww, but there is also Bonkers/Tolou with his Amiga, and some more people with Atari's. The best of all is that they really use them, they are watching demos and doing all sorts of stuff with them at any time in the day.

About the usual alcoholic drinks issue, there has not been any problem to date. And even the orgo instructiones were: crack up a beer and enjoy the party, just so you see. Everybody has been behaving, socialising and chatting about this and that. A very relaxed atmosphere.

There's only one minor flaw, they are relying on the partymeister tentation too much, and most of the time the big screen is just used for showing the timetable, etc. They played some demos (from Demo or Die DVD's) some hours ago but would be nice to see more...

Anyway, I'm going to see what are people doing (I have to find out who's playing hardcore music ... I feel the subwoofer from here) :D