For the ones which do not know about, BarCamp* are a different type of events, they are meant to be called unconferences, in the sense that it is not about 100 people listening to someone for 2 hours but each person giving a short talk about something of their own. So the listeners become speakers at certain times, and as there are several rooms, talks are simultaneous. These events are always highly busy and they get booked blazing fast, so I already assumed that I wasn't going there, with no tickets and 2 days away of the event.

How wrong I was... I finally got a ticket for BarCampLondon2 and now I have to think about something for a talk!

I should have been less pessimistic and stop assuming that I wasn't going to get a ticket ever, and think about that talk instead. Oh well... no more regrets, let's see what can I work out (just in case I end up doing the talk...), taking into account there's amazing people like Matt Wescott already signed up, so the level is interesting.

Watch out for finding out how it ended... heh...