Cloud computing is the new social network

I somehow anticipated it when commenting about Techchrnnnnch's views about Google Chrome, but it's now confirmed: Cloud computing is the new social network. Just take a look at this graph that I managed to produce with a couple of clicks and keypresses and the help of Google Trends:

Cloud computing vs Social networks

Here's the entire report.

Unfortunately, the web 2.0 effect is still inducing waves of pleasure amongst the cool-keyword-hunters. If we dare to introduce the term into our cheap market research report generator, it reduces both cloud computing and social networks to an almost statistical nothingness.

Cloud computing vs Social networks vs Web 2.0

Entire report again.

Yet with a bit of luck cloud computing will push our all time favourite term --semantic web-- back where it belongs. Disguised as the more glamorous and shiny term Web 3.0, of course.

Meanwhile, you can keep labeling all terms and situations with web 2.0, but do not be afraid of topping your pub chats with a little bit of cloud computing, even more if you're in London. You know weather is a great conversation topic here!