Damn geeks (and more)

Let's continue the IT fun saga , although it has been suspended for around five months, shame on holidays and all that ;-)

Damn geeks

First, we have a bit of a desperate cry by a certain Solomon Grundy:

Damn geeks. They've screwed up everything. They can't even get something as simple as the Internet right. No wonder 70% of financial application are still coded in COBOL and don't use the Internet as their primary avenue of communications.

from the comments at Adobe yanks speech exposing critical 'clickjacking' vulns. By the way, why do the Register guys have anchors for each individual comment, but do not show them? I had to use the very helpful Web Developer Toolbar once again for revealing anchors in the page (Information -- Display anchors, just in case you need it). Damn geeks!

So yes, that's quite serious. It seems there's no way things can be done properly when the internet factor is in the mix. When in doubt, simply blame the Robustness principle: Be liberal in what you accept, and conservative in what you send.

Googleskepticism or just plain common sense?

Following the release of Google's Chrome, one had the immediate feeling that it was going to be a big news -- not only appearing at generalist media but even prompting our families to ask us about that new system Google has released for competing against Bill's (literally). I wasn't impressed at all by the G-move neither did feel immediately compelled to download and test it (besides my computer doesn't run Windows anyway), so I just ignored the complete commotion. But it seems Ted Dziuba got a bit more irritated with all the publicity and media fueled bullshit and/or plain lies and simply ended up exploding:

I understand the argument that as web applications proliferate, the desktop operating system becomes less important, and emphasis is placed on the browser. That's all well and good, but let's be realistic here. It's a fucking web browser. It runs JavaScript a bit faster than other web browsers. That doesn't add up to a Windows killer.


People are calling Chrome a cloud operating system because it is a "platform for running web apps". It renders HTML and interprets Javascript, you know, like every fucking browser made since 1995. It's also got Google Gears built in. Great. I'll alert Tim Berners-Lee.

(emphasis added by me)

He also notes the big amount of nonsense that Michael Arrington managed (once again) to produce for the occasion, with allusions to the new and upcoming hot keyword - cloud computing. I would suggest Ted --and any of you--, only one thing: do not read Techcrunch, for your own mental health.

On confusing people

Only two words: Microsoft SDL.

Why did they have to use an acronym which is so well established is something that I can't understand. Furthermore, Microsoft SDL doesn't stand up for anything remotely related to media or games. Do not even think they are ditching DirectX for the true SDL. In fact, their SDL is the deceptively boring acronym of Secure Development Lifecycle. Which, coming from Microsoft, absolutely deserves a place on the IT fun saga with a special award in the "Irony" category!