Cube Clock 1.5.2

Already available in the Android Market.

Introducing an even nicer, more elegant preferences panel:

Cube Clock 1.5.2

... which uses a bit of this*:

Circle in square Guess where, it's not complicated :-)

The wallpaper also works properly now in the Evo 4G (and potentially other phones using the same UI than the Evo uses).

The Evo reports a really bizarre value for xOffsetStep: instead of the expectable ~0.14f (from 1.0f / 7 == horizontal number of virtual screens), it is reporting -1 (how can a screen have a width of -1?).

This looks to me like a bug, but since it uses that revamped HTC UI I'm not sure who's responsible for sending values to the wallpaper, whether it's the OS or the UI. I've got to research this... if it's the OS maybe I can file a bug in the usual place. I'll let you know.

You can also read more about Cube Clock 1.5 and prior versions.

* Somehow gratuitous drawing executed with Inkscape --it's ages since I did my last technical drawing and I didn't know of a better program for it. Consequently the dimension marks are a bit wrong and everything is slightly inaccurate position-wise, but you get the point. Anyway, suggestions for more appropriate CAD programs are welcome. Specially if they also support formulas.