ie6 for Android

ie6 in Android

I thought it would do us all good to have a native Android application, so that we could also emulate the Internet Explorer 6 experience in our cell phones.

And presto, here it is (direct link to Market, don't bother if you're not browsing this with a phone). Or in Cyrket.

Plus it also includes our beloved Critical error sound.

Enjoy it :P

Update: I learnt how to make Activities have transparent surface and theme... so I updated the Application and it now blends seamlessly with your Home screen, menu... and it's way more realistic! A screenshot:

ie6 in Android

The updated version is already available in the market, so you'll get an update notification soon if you've got it installed.

Update 2: this app got removed from the market by Google based on some copyright infringement etc etc. It was fun while it lasted...